Mama and me


My Story:


My destiny of bear making began soon after my mother,

Dorthy passed away from breast cancer. She left behind
a legacy of faith, love, perseverance, and a fur coat.

Mama really loved the coat, so when I saw it hanging in
the closet two years later, I knew I wanted something special

from it. I wanted a teddy bear! I thought, maybe I could try

and make one, however, not only did I not sew,

but I was born with only one hand.


After several attempts, discouraged and frustrated,

I sadly put the idea away. Days later, remembering what

Mama would have said, and how proud I knew she would be,

I couldn't give it up just yet. Mom always told me I could do

anything I wanted to if I believed I could.


So with those words echoing in my mind...

and my heart, I made my first teddy bear.

Now, with each little bear and dog I make, lives the faith and

love of our Mama, and most importantly,

the belief she instilled in me…

I can do all things through Him who gives me strength.

Phil. 4:13






About Tammy


I graduated from the University of Oklahoma with a BA in Psychology and Master’s in Human Relations & Counseling. I worked as a Mental Health Professional, and soon thereafter began my own version of therapy, Teddy Bear Therapy.


I design and create special memory bears, and life like dog representations and memorials. My work is almost exclusively with those that have lost a loved one or fur-loved one.


I have written my first book, Bear with Hope. My purpose is to increase awareness of bearing with one another in times of sadness and struggles. To encourage and inspire hope into the hearts and minds of those who are hurting. To be updated please subscribe or follow me at:




I am married to Marc, we live Blanchard, Oklahoma with our 4 fur-children:

Pico, Roxie and Bella, miniatures Schnauzers, and Toby, a miniature poodle.




Tammy has been featured in numerous Dog and Soft Sculpture magazines. Publications include

Dogs Today published throughout the United Kingdom Yorky Club, published throughout Europe. Teddy Bear Review, Soft Sculpture Dolls and Animals, Teddy Bear & Friends distributed throughout the US and abroad.


Her Canine Collectibles are collected not only in the US but widely recognized and collected internationally including Japan, Russia, Australia, Great Britain, New Zealand France and Brazil. She has worked with MIT in designing the plush model for a robotic therapeutic teddy bear internationally known as the “Huggable”.



Additional Publications and Features:



v Life is Full of Sweet Spots: An Exploration of Joy

v Canine Collectible Corner #2 June 2012

v Canine Collectible Corner June 2012

v Starz Productions Magic City Original Series June 2011

v Blanchard News April 2010

v Daily Oklahoman Dec 2009

v Tulsa World Dec 2009

v KWTV News 9 Oklahoma Dec 2009

v Tulsa News Channel 6 Dec 2009

v MIT Robotic Media Lab “Huggable 

v Teddy Bear and Friends Summer 2009, thank you Katherine!

v Teddy Bear Review February 2009

v Pug Talk Summer 2009

v Your Health Connection  October 2008

v Teddy Bear Club International September 2007 issue, thank you Alison!

v Dogs Today May 2007…Great Britain’s premier dog magazine!

v Teddy Bear Review August 2006 I want to thank Trina for sharing my story. 

v Teddy Bear and Friends  July 2006,

v Teddy Bear Scene May 2006 issue, thank you Natalie! 

v Yorky Club Magazine  June 2006 issue, thank you Sabine and all the editing & translating staff 

v Soft Dolls and Animals featured my work in the Nov 2006 issue. 

v Is This a Great State or What feature on KFOR TV Channel 4 Oklahoma, 2003

v Teddy Bear Review June 2001






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