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About Tammy



My love and life of bear making began soon after my mom
lost her long battle with breast cancer. Mama left behind
a life of faith, love, perseverance, and a fur coat.
Mama really loved the coat, so when I saw it hanging in 
the closet two years later, I knew I wanted something special
from it. I wanted a teddy bear! I thought, maybe I could try
and make one, however, not only did I not sew,
but I was born with only one hand.
After several attempts, discouraged and frustrated,
I sadly put the idea away. Days later, remembering what
Mama would have said, and how proud I knew she would be,
I couldn't give it up just yet. Mom always told me I could do
anything I wanted to if I believed I could.
So with those words echoing in my mind...
and my heart, I made my first teddy bear.
Now, with each little bear and dog I make, lives the faith and
love of our Mama, and most importantly,
the belief she instilled in me,

I can do all things through Him who gives me strength. Phil. 4:13



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A graduate from the University of Oklahoma with a BA in

Psychology and Masters in Human Relations & Counseling.

As a mental health counselor Tammy worked closely with individuals

affected by depression, and other serious mental illness.



About the Bears




TammyBears are individually and uniquely made just for you.

The personalization that TammyBears offers will ensure

that your sentimental clothing will be transformed into something

beautiful, like the person they are being made in memory of.

Knowing there is only one chance to make it right, TammyBears

is committed to providing our clients beautiful bears.

From the start of your personal design to the finishing bow and button.

The quality and customization is why TammyBears has

been providing memories in teddy bears since 1999.

Extra time is spent securing the eyes for durability.
Garments are interfaced, or lined with a fusible stabilizer

that gives strength, body and ability to better hold shape.

High quality threads are used to help strengthen each stitch

So that our bears may last many lifetimes.
When creating the face, it is our hope the bear brings about a smile,

and memories filled with love. Just the right look to fill your heart with a

peaceful joy in remembering your beloved.


TammyBears are filled with love to bring a smile, and yes maybe a tear too.

And if you let them, they will bring comfort, hope and hugs all just for you.

Just a little of what TammyBears' clients are saying...


I picked TammyBears for my memory bears because when


That is exactly what a memory bear should do!! Beautiful work!!- Lexi S.


This is a very special lady with a very special gift.

The 3 bears you made for me are beyond my expectations.

You can certainly tell you love what you do.

Thank you, for the memory bears, in memory of my Dad.-Diana S.


Couldn't have asked for a more personable bear. Lost my papa last January

and this bear reminds me so much of him, it is perfect! Thank you!!!-Nicole C.


Amazing!! Tammy is so talented. I cannot say enough!

Our memory bear turned out better than I imagined!-Amy N.


Thank you for the beautiful bears in memory of my Mom.

My son loved his for Christmas. I will cherish these for the rest of my life.

Your work is outstanding and my bears are precious.-Carolyn O.


I am beyond happy with the bear you created for my daughter in honor

of her son that we lost all to soon. Thank you so very much, Tammy!

The bear is just perfect! When I first looked at this bears eyes,

I truly felt love! The packaging was an added special touch! Thank you Tammy,

for such an amazing keepsake. God Bless you!- Mary H.



Couldn't be happier with Nana's memory bear!!!! Best made bear I've ever seen.

I was excited that the arms and legs moved but had no idea the head moved as well!!!!

What a great way for my son to remember his Nana!!!

It's a shirt we saw her wear all the time and my son says it still smells like her.

Can't thank Tammy enough. - Brandi S.

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