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Very Special Bears…for Very Special People

Thank you for stopping in, I truly appreciate your time.

If there is anything I can help you with, please do not hesitate to call or email me.

I’ve been creating memory bears since 1999 and

hope to be of service to you—to create some very special bears just for you.


Handmade Memory Bears Just For You


Memory Bears are teddy bears made from special articles of clothing,

uniforms, fur coats, blankets or other item that holds a special place in your heart.

It could be a loved one’s favorite sweatshirt, jeans and t-shirt, suit and tie, or a well loved house coat.




Something that when you see it, you think of your loved one.

Your heart won’t let you part with it, but being stored away doesn’t help either.

These are just the keepsakes that make beautiful, loving, treasured memory bears.




If you've read my story...then you know why I love to make Memory Bears.
These bears are special because of the individual that they are made in memory of.

I wanted a memory teddy bear from my Mama's coat. And now because of Mom,

and that teddy bear, I have discovered a gift from God through the art of making memory bears.


Turn a beloved’s clothes in to a comforting, caring, loving teddy bear.

I now have been making memory bears since 1999. I feel so blessed to be able

to provide in this small yet significant way a comfort to those who are grieving.

I’ve made bears for people just like you all over the country, and abroad.

If you have something special you would like me to create for you...

From a beloved’s garment, or a treasured article of clothing you want to

always have a part of, to cherish a lifetime….

Please send me a note and we can talk about it.


...special memory bears for special people...



Below are some memory bears I put into different groupings.

I would encourage you to look through them all, as many fabrics/garments are used for both. 

They are meant to help you see the range in style and design with a variety of garments.

This is to help you in selecting the garments for your own loving memory bears.





Handmade Memory Bears

Lady and Girl Bears

Dresses~Gowns~Blankets~Wedding Dresses~

Robes~Dress Outfits~Sweaters~More~



0handsomebandana.jpg21 denimcami.jpg

Handmade Memory Bears

Papa and Boy Bears






Handmade Memory Bears

Wedding Dresses


butterfly bears

Handmade Memory Bears

Fur Coat Bears




Handmade Memory Bears

Teddy Babies

Baby Blankies~Onesies~Gowns

Maternity Garments



Handmade Memory Bears

Part Fur Bears AND Your Special Garments

These are bears where I use a fur for the face and paw pads, but use

the special garments for the body of the bear.



Memory bears make precious year round remembrances.


I’m excited to announce the release date of my new book, Bear with Hope




My newest and most exciting endeavor is almost complete.

It is a beautifully bound book compiled of encouraging stories with sweet and simple suggestions

that encourage hope, and help you to experience joy in times of need. It is a written collection of

personal stories, words of wisdom and beautiful images that are sure to lift the spirits.

An inspiring and heartwarming account of how to find moments of joy in hard times.

This book is for adults who are grieving, suffering, struggling with the stresses of life,

or those that know someone who is.

For more details and to pre-purchase a signed advance copy, please visit:


Please visit :www.BearWithHope.com

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A little about myself:



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My memory bears are all made uniquely and individually for you.

Each is designed with the person, and the materials in mind,

to make the sweetest and most precious bear possible.

They’re different…as we are different as individuals.


Memory Bears are all jointed 5 ways and completely handmade.

Some are traditional looking, others are feisty and happy!

Some need comforting, but all will be comforters.

A few will have bent arms and legs, others will be straight.

 Most have stitched noses, a few have plastic noses.

Some may have colorful noses and paw pads that match the

fabrics, others’ may not.


All will be filled with love to bring a smile, and yes maybe a tear too.

And if you let them…they will bring comfort and hope and hugs all just for you!


Other memory items available such as

pillows, lap throws, teddy-blankets, please inquire if interested.



Please know, that I have personally experienced the loss

of a loved one, and I know the irreplaceable value of

something that belonged to them. Be at peace

with sending me your loved one’s keepsake,

and confident that I will take great care of each

precious item entrusted in my care.




I also create soft sculptured life-like memorials

of our feline and canine companions.

Please visit:

My Furever Friend



If you have any trouble emailing me through the buttons and links

on my web site, please use this only as an alternative  email address:


However, please do try to use the email through the buttons and links first.

Turnaround time is about 6 months.

I create many, many bears and make each one special.

I thank you in advance for your patience.



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Click here for How to Order


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To get to know me, please visit me at:



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TammyBears…Very special memory bears, for very special people.



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