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Handmade Memory Bears




Step by step guidance on how I can create for you-your own custom teddy bear to help preserve special memories of your loved one. You’ll explore beautiful pictures of other memory bears to give you an idea of what your bears can look like. I’ve been creating memory bears since 1999 and put forth the utmost care and attention into each bear I make. I hope I may be of service to you.



My Furever Friend



This is the place to visit to find information on my custom made, hand crafted life like Dog Memorials and Urns. If you’ve lost a precious fur-loved family member, I can create a tribute or memorial in their honor. I have details and pictures of the many dog breeds I have created, as well as prior life like representations I've made in memory of one's fur-loved, canine companion.








This is the Show Ring for all of my life like, handmade soft sculpture dogs, past and present.

I’ve created Toys, Terriers, Sporting and Non-Sporting and even a few Hounds!




Coming May 2015

Opportunity to pre-purchase an advance copy of my new book

Bear with Hope

My newest and most exciting project is almost complete. It will be a beautifully bound book compiled of personal accounts that will encourage hope, and help you to experience joy in times of need. It is a written collection of personal stories and beautiful images that are sure to lift the spirits. It’s all    brought together because of the touch of a teddy bear. An inspiring and heartwarming account of how to find moments of joy in times of sadness. This book is for adults who are grieving, suffering, struggling with the stresses of life, or those that just love teddy bears. Basically, this book is for everyone! Please contact me on how to pre-purchase your signed copy.


I hope you have found what you are looking for.

If you need further assistance, please contact me via email:

tammybears@pldi.net or call me personally (405) 387-2638 CST


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New Products and services are coming next year.

Inquire or check back periodically for updates.

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Be aware





Prior Adoptions




Cairn Terrier





Toy Poodle


















My dogs and bears are completely created, designed and hand

made by me. I was born with only one hand, so they are truly “hand” made.

It is an enormous labor of love from beginning to end to bring my little dogs

and teddy bears to life…but when I see those sweet puppy dog eyes

looking back at me, I know the love has indeed overshadowed the labor.



TammyBears have been featured in teddy bear magazines, newspaper

and television media. But the biggest rewards are when I know my dogs and bears are bringing

joy and warmth to all of you around the world. My most prized “awards” are your

smiles and your emails that assure me that my teddy bears and dogs

are doing exactly what they were made to do.


My hope is when you hold a TammyBear or Dog, you are

touching a puppy or teddy bear that touches you right back.





TammyBears…very special bears and dogs for very special people


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