Handmade Memory Bears by TammyBears









This beautiful bear was made in memory of my great nephew.

Bentley only lived 7 hours after birth due to a rare heart condition.

I have hand painted his footprints on the pad and have weighted

this bear to be what Bentley weighed. I have made the bear with part fur and from

a blanket Bentley was held in and then dressed the bear in his jammies.













This is JJ bear. We have used his beautiful little outfit with

a soft fluffy mohair. JJ bear is weighted perfectly to hold in

remembrance of their baby JJ
















A cuddly soft baby girl bear made from a baby blanket.







This big, beautiful bear has been made from a soft baby

blanket. I gave him several unique touches to make

him bear extra special. He has an enclosure in the back

that has room for his urn. I have hand painted Samuels footprints

using his very own footprints as the guide on the paws of the teddy.

We also made him a scarf embroidered with his full name

and birthday. It was made from another flannel receiving blanket

and the satin trim from the furry blue blanket.


This precious bear measures just over 20 inches and weighs 7 lbs.

He has slightly curved arms and legs so he can sit, or lay very sweetly.

The blankie and pillow he is laying on was also made

from the flannel and furry receiving blankets.




This special bear is made from a maternity top.

I used part of a blankie for the hat and pawpads.




This precious baby bear is made from part fur, part  blanket and he is dressed in a teeny

tiny little outfit. He is the same length and weight of Baby Aidan. With the remaining

I made a pillow and blanket.



Combination of onesies and a blanket




Made from receiving blankets







This sweet bear is made from a baby blanket. We have given him angel wings and a little halo.




I can also make special memorial pillows. I can use part of

your baby blanket, combined with satin material to monogram special

name, birthdate and then I will hand paint replicas of baby footprints.

These are $65 alone, or $50 if you are having a bear made as well.






With these special bears I can work with you to make your baby bear just perfect.

We can have him or her be a certain weight and or length.

If the BabyBear is made to size, an opening can also be left

in the back to place a special item.


Prices range from $105-$135 for a 12-18 inches all fabric

teddy bear to $200-225 for a large bear made from part/all my fur.

Extras such as pillows, blankies, special weight, halos, angel wings and monograms

range from $3-$15 each. An opening left in the back is $25.

Hand painted footprints $20.


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The greatest of 10% or $10 from each order is donated to NILMDTS.

If you are a referral from NILMDTS, please let me know.








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